This blog is about my art, photography, what I want to do, what I am going to do, what I am doing currently, what I am promoting( my upcoming art/skateboard line "fat"), my thoughts and opinions, things that I see that I find interesting.. and mostly, what I love. Im 21 years old, an art student, I love to smoke weed, I guess I'm chill, I don't give a fuck and the least important thing is that I'm from Barbados and live in a so called paradise. I love all types of people, I'm not allowed to put you down.
Get ready for some FAT action soon. This time. I’m serious.. No more holding you in capti’s. No more posting of sub-promos It’s REALLY happening this time. Watch it. grabdatfat#
In your hands lie your destinationThe book of true life you hold the keyMystical powers to you unfoldSeek ye the half that has never been toldGet behind me satan. In dis ya ArmageddonI’ve got chant..Chant a psalm a day..
 No time foh’ playin in bullshid. In moe’ important news..    All power to the people.Peace. ☮
We were at the beach yesterday and there was a jet in the sky. So.
Find yourself.Photo creds : Vonley SmithManipulation: me