This blog is about my art, photography, what I want to do, what I am going to do, what I am doing currently, what I am promoting( my upcoming art/skateboard line "fat"), my thoughts and opinions, things that I see that I find interesting.. and mostly, what I love. Im 21 years old, an art student, I love to smoke weed, I guess I'm chill, I don't give a fuck and the least important thing is that I'm from Barbados and live in a so called paradise. I love all types of people, I'm not allowed to put you down.
Crazy eyes.
"Cloud Smoke" - Dedicated to  one of my friend’s songs called Cloud smoke :3
The triangle problem.
My trip nipp. Only one. To think I was on a painting break and had to stop myself from getting in too deep with painting.. my tit. :I. anyways.. TRIPNIPGIFSSSS :U
oh, bonnie.