This blog is about my art, photography, what I want to do, what I am going to do, what I am doing currently, what I am promoting( my upcoming art/skateboard line "fat"), my thoughts and opinions, things that I see that I find interesting.. and mostly, what I love. Im 22 years old, an art student, ganjah, I'm chill, and the least important thing is that I'm from Barbados and live in a so called paradise. I love all types of people, I'm not allowed to put you down.

All positive and irie vibes welcomed here . Raggamuffn brashuns.

Positively Clear.
Vancouver I love you.Please never show me a dull moment or people.

2nd Home. <3


trilluhlilluh. 16-09-2014


The sacreds. <3 16-09-2014


Three Slim’s Dynamite. <3 Stabilizing..1,2,3. 17-09-2014

Organize and centralize, come as one.
Our seeds shall be so many more than sand
Some new and replenish pure and clean heart
For too long we&#8217;ve been under this band.
Some a save a bag a riches
Yet they die empty hand
Gwan saying mi stupid and laugh all you can
Easier for a caller to go through a needle eye
Than it is for a rich guy to enter inna Zion
Take it from I man&#8230;

Til&#8217; I&#8217;m laid to rest.
17-09-2014. Am
Some call him Jaryd or J-money.I call him brother, jeezus.17-09-2014

Level off suh.
Off with the clouds.


— Bonsaitree